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LIVE stream

Who we are?

Shrus - A Saree Store

We are a 10 year old Home Grown Brand and we started this to Manufacture, Produce & Showcase the best that India has to offer in the Saree world. We are a Fashion brand with a Moral Compass and are dedicated to provide you with a mixture of Traditional & Contemporary products which cater to all ages.

Let us be a Part of your Wardrobe!

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how it started

perambur chennai

This is how it began - a dream and a 10 by 15 room and with 30 sarees.

This was the next step


We took out a 2 bedroom apartment in mahalingapuram to showcase what little stock we had

how it is Going?


With what we have and with your support and love, we took out a showroom to display all the varities we have and the Journey so far has been amazing.


idols for your pooja space

Shubham karoti kalyaanam
Aarogyam dhana sampadaa
Shatrubudhi vinaashaaya
Diipajyoti namoastute

A little bit of this & a Little bit of that!